The CouchMaster CYCON 2 Black Edition Review 2021

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Gaming in a living room is difficult, especially if you want to use a mouse and keyboard since it is more accurate to aim and navigate when using it than using a standard PlayStation or Xbox controller.

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This is where CouchMaster comes in handy We tried lapboards previously that are designed for couch gaming with a big screen tv and it is way more relaxing to do. The living room is where the entertainment usually happens so gaming in there is a great way to relax while you are gaming.

A normal lapboard supports your thighs and, accordingly, expects you to reach down to their level to type. In contrast, the Couchmaster raises your desk about 7 inches above your chair’s seating base, making for a more normal typing height that also lets you lie your body a bit. There’s no requirement to arch over the lapboard, and that decreases tension in your back.

It has Cybot cushions or rectangular cushions on the side for its support. The sides and bottom are a textured gray and black with a Kevlar element, which is in digital pixel-camouflage decoration. These cushions are removable and can be cleaned easily.

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The flexibility of the CouchMaster is superb since it has 6 USB 3.0 ports, 16-32 foot cable, and a built-in cable management system.

There is also a pocket for your mouse or other computer peripherals. A side bag is also available for accessories storage. You can even put drinks like GFuel to energize you for more gaming sessions.

The CouchMaster Cycon 2 costs around $179, which is a bit pricey, but it does serve its purpose.

Should You Buy It?

While the Couchmaster Cycon 2 isn’t necessary, its design and capabilities provide for a terrific gaming experience for anyone who prefers to fight with a keyboard and mouse rather than a controller, or who wants a convenient way to switch between the two. When you’re not gaming, the Cycon 2 may also be used as a laptop desk for your couch.

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