The Best Crossbows of 2021

It’s good to hunt the traditional way, that is with the image of the usual gun toting huntsman and his dog. However, what captures the imagination even further is hunting with a crossbow. Yes, a crossbow is a definite hunting tool and may even look more stylish than your predictable gun. You can even employ your crossbow when camping and pitching tents, it can be that versatile. With the technological evolution we have today it is no wonder that crossbows have taken a step with the digital age. It’s good to review the crossbows we have in the market today and review it with regard to its usability for today’s generation of users.

Things to Consider When Buying A Crossbow

The draw weight which means that the power that is required to pull the arrow before the flight. Mostly the bigger the draw weight the faster the speed of the arrow and more power it would have. It is between 75 to 200 pounds.

The minimum speed with which the arrow should travel is 300 FPS. This means that not only the bows with more draw weight and light bow weight are preferred but also the ones that shoot arrows at a faster speed. Large hunting games prefer such speeds and killing the prey with one shot is not a problem with such a speed. This speed also improves the power with which the bolt hits the target and that is also a very important factor in hunting.

Having a good scope usually, means that you can have a good distance from the target but also hit a lethal blow with one shot. That also, however, depends on the power with which the arrow is shot and how light the bow is.

Read the Manual Before Using Your Crossbow

The bow users also have to be aware of the fact that whenever the bow has to be loaded the wax has to be applied on the string to make the cord last longer.
Pulling the string without loading the arrow can cause serious damage to the bow.

The bow has to be light so that it could be carried around easily and mostly the arrows do not have to be heavy enough as well.

1. Excalibur Matrix Mega 405

It has the fastest re-curve crossbow in the market. It has great built quality. It is powerful, fast and quiet. (doesn’t make any noise). Finally, it has excellent scope.

On the downside, it is a bit difficult to pull it might be because of the draw weight.

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2. TenPoint Venom Crossbow

It comes with the ACU50 draw which helps it to perform smoothly. It can travel up to 372 feet per second of velocity. It is durable and has a greatly balanced design. It is a compact and lightweight crossbow.

On the downside, it is expensive more than others and featured a bit less than others in our high-end picks.

The crossbow is silent, thanks to dampening device. However, the safety will create an audible click which might not be convenient in some situations.

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3. Barnett Ghost 410 CRT

It is the fastest crossbow ever built up to 410 Feet per second of velocity. It has a powerful, compact and lightweight design. It has great accuracy (You can hunt even if you are 60 yards far).

On the downside, it makes noise because the dampening system is not included.

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4. Barnett Buck Commander Extreme

It has great performance at a low price. The anti-dry fire feature prevents the bow to shoot without an arrow. It is Lightweight and compact. It has an ergonomic design and excellent built quality.

It is a great crossbow at such price.

On the downside, the sling isn’t included in the package and it makes a noise when you hit the arrow (Just like another Barnett’s).

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5. Excalibur Matrix Grizzly SMF

It is small in size, which makes it easy to use in small spaces. It has a lightweight and well-balanced design. It comes with 4 bolts and attachable quiver. It is easy to assemble. Its Scope is adjustable for great accuracy.

On the downside, Rails are not made from aluminum like others.

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6. Barnett Ghost 375 Crossbow

It has good accuracy. It is lightweight and compact. It is easy to carry. It uses Barnett’s 5 in 1 Safety Firing System. It has an adjustable scope for great accuracy.

On the downside, Cocking mechanism is not included.

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7. Barnett Jackal

It is extremely low in price and comes with great features. It is built for beginners and intermediate users. It has great built quality and durability.

On the downside, Rope Cocking Mechanism is not included and it makes a noise while firing arrow (Dampening system is not included).

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8. Barnett Penetrator

It comes with a rope cocking device. It has great accuracy. It has built-in hand crank mechanism (Only the installation is required).

On the downside, heavy in weight as compared to others in our lineup (8.6 lbs.).

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9. Arrow Precision Inferno Fury

It is the most lightweight crossbow in our list (4.8 lbs.). It is extremely easy to use, thanks to weight. It offers great value for money. It offers good customer service and 1-year warranty.

On the downside, it comes with low quality arrows (However, you can buy better ones).

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10. Barnett Wildcat C5

It is durable and comes with solid high-quality arrows. It has a great design. It is extremely quiet (Doesn’t make noise).

It is good for both target practice and hunting. It is beginner friendly and comes with a 5 Year Warranty.

On the downside, the rope cocking device isn’t included and the included sight isn’t that good.

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Crossbows are definitely super cool and if you have avengers type fantasies of being Hawkeye mastering the crossbow should be in your priorities list. There are many manufacturers who still opt for making crossbows so there is definitely an enthusiastic market out there that appreciates this weapon. Crossbows give you the the real thing when it comes to aiming and shooting targets. Crossbows are not confined to sportsmen as many hobbyists make crossbows part of the regular tools of daily life.